A Message from the Board of Education : January 2022

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January 2022 Board Message

Wishing everyone a safe, healthy, and Happy New Year.

I would like to thank the Board of Directors for their vote of confidence by electing me to serve as board president this year. In reflection, the past 2 years I have served on the board have been very challenging to say the least. I highly commend the staff, children, and families for being flexible and patient as administration continually adapts and enacts new requirements in response to meet the challenges presented by the covid pandemic.  Every effort is being made to help our staff, children, and families stay safe and healthy as we welcome everyone back after the holiday break. 

To get better acquainted, I want to share a little bit about me. I wanted to join the board because I have 3 grandchildren living in our school district and, as such, have a special interest in the future success of our educational system.  As a healthcare professional, I strongly advocate for the provision of a safe updated environment that is conducive to learning. Last year, I proposed compliance with the new law (House Bill 123) and am proud to say that our district has proactively established a threat assessment safety team long before it will become mandatory. I have also successfully pushed for having two SROs present in our schools. 

Along with Tarin Brown, former board member, I pushed for the formation of a Facilities Improvement Committee (FIC) to work on providing a safer environment that is free of lead and asbestos and that will also provide an environment conducive to learning with an updated look and technology. The idea for a committee was developed after a community member complained about the stands. I questioned the board as to why we weren't doing anything about it when it was a known safety issue. After multiple discussions with Tarin, we decided to make a change [a big thank you to whomever the man was that complained]. Since then, the committee has expanded to include principals, and the athletic director. Many wonderful ideas have been presented and adapted. In fact, work has already started on the Baker project. 

I strongly believe that our educational system needs to be tailored to capture the interests of all children. Not every child is meant to attend college and obtain a degree. Some need to have other talents whether artistic, trade school, or athletic appreciated, supported, and developed. Times have changed over the years since my generation attended school and every effort needs to be made to prepare our children to be successful as they graduate and enter adulthood for whatever path they choose. 

With that being said, my vision is that the board will identify district needs to develop, adapt, and implement a strategic plan as a guide for the district that will also improve transparency and build stronger community relations as we continue our efforts to renovate Baker and build a new middle/senior high school. I have created a template of a strategic plan with key points that can be used to start the discussion. I also have some ideas for the formation of key committees: community engagement and finance. 

Within the next few months, I would like to hold a public planning session so that people have an avenue to provide input into future district planning. I am working with a potential moderator to procure some dates. I will also be reaching out to the different booster clubs, PTO, township trustees, and first responders as well. I believe there is a lot of passion and dedication in our community to support the change our district needs. Together we can do this!  

As always, your presence and input are welcomed at the monthly meetings which are posted.  Please feel free to join us or contact me as needed. Thank you for supporting our schools. Have a wonderful day.  

Elizabeth Haddle, Board President


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