Baker Elementary School Drop Off and Pick Up Procedures


DAILY DROP-OFF PROCEDURES:  Families who choose to drop children off at school are asked to do so between 8:00-8:15.  Students arriving to their classroom after 8:15 will be considered tardy to school.  The drop off location for students not riding a Mathews bus will be at the sidewalk at the West-most part of the parking lot.  This is the same drop off location and procedure as years past.  Students wishing to receive a school breakfast will enter the building and pick up a grab and go breakfast and proceed to their homeroom.

While we are asking all families to complete temperature checks prior to leaving for school in the morning, we will also be conducting temperature checks of all students and staff upon arrival.

DAILY PICK-UP PROCEDURES: Due to the large number of families who are not using the Mathews transportation to start the year, the pick-up procedures in the building have slightly changed.  

Students in grades 3-5, unless there is a 6th grade sibling, will be picked up in the bus loading area that is located on the west side of the building (between Baker and the athletic fieldhouse).  In order to access the bus loading, parents will enter the Baker parking lot through the first entrance off of Sheridan Drive and proceed straight back, keeping the playground on the right side of your vehicle.  Once you have driven around the building, and approach the bus loading area, you are asked to fill in the rows from left to right.  Staff will be present to assist with this procedure in the loading area. Parents must be in the loading area by 1:50 to receive their children.  Students will be delivered to their vehicles at this time and will walk down between the isles of cars.  AT NO TIME SHOULD A STUDENT WALK BETWEEN THE BUMPERS OF CARS.

Students in grade 6, and any younger siblings, will be picked up in the fire lane located in the front (North) side of the building.  Staff will be present to assist with this procedure in this loading area.  

PLEASE NOTE:  If you have children in multiple grade levels at Baker, your pick-up location will be based on your oldest child.

BUS RIDERS WHO NEED PICKED UP BY THE FAMILY AT SCHOOL: Students who use the Mathews transportation, but will pick children up on an as needed basis will always park in the fire lane in the front (North) side of the building and children will be delivered to the vehicle.  In order to arrange this pick-up, families must call the school prior to 11:00 AM or send a note with your child on the day of the requested pick-up.  Please understand, we are not able to allow families into the building to sign children out.  As long as we have a note or phone call prior to 11:00 AM, we will deliver them to the fire lane in front of the building at 1:50. 

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