Monthly Board of Education Message

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School boards have an important role as stewards of the educational investment made by communities. This is a multi-pronged responsibility that requires honoring our fiduciary commitment for the responsible use of taxpayer dollars, along with engaging effectively with the community and staff to provide the governance that steers the school system towards equitable outcomes for all students. 

As board president my focus this year is 1.) student recognition for outstanding academic and athletic achievement 2.) advancing transparency and accountability to the community 3.) supporting administrative and staff efforts to improve student performance, including any programs, services, experiences, and opportunities that meet the needs of the students. The board is driving community-based accountability through governance driven monitoring systems.  The strategic plan and other pertinent information such as the student matrix will be published in the near future. Some important parts of the strategic plan are to engage the stakeholders in the community, set goals for weighted resource allocation and strategic staffing, along with establishing accountability systems to measure and report indicators of success.   

As I mentioned in previous messages it is important to have public discussions that include the state of our current educational facilities.  Plans need to be put in place now to provide the most optimum learning environment with up-to-date technology for future generations of the herd.  

Please know that we are here to support our families, students and staff. Board meeting dates are posted on the website and we would love to have you join us (following the current Covid guidelines). If you are unable to do so contact information is posted on the website. 

Respectfully submitted, 

Board President Tarin Brown

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