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LPDC Information and IPDP

License Renewal Requirements

  • You must attend an LPDC meeting prior to renewing and present the following:

  • Transcripts for 6 semester hours or documentation of 180 completed contact hours or a combination of both

  • You will also need to restate your goals from your prior IPDP and explain to the committee how you met them

  • Assuming you have met all requirements needed for renewal, the LPDC committee will approve your renewal at that meeting

  • Once approved at the meeting, you can then go online and complete your application for renewal with the state. As soon as you submit your application, they will send an email to the LPDC chair who will go on and complete the final approval. 

IPDP requirements

  • Once you have renewed your license you will need to write a new IPDP. You can find this form on the Mathews webpage under the tab called staff links and forms.

  • Then, you must attend the first LPDC meeting of the school year and present your new IPDP goals to the committee as well as explain how you plan to meet them. 

  • If there are any goals that need to be revised, you can do so and present your changes at the next meeting. 

  • Once your IPDP is approved you are good to go until your next license renewal. 

Some important notes:

  • Please check the LPDC meeting notes that are sent out after each meeting to see when your license expires and your current IPDP status. 
  • Upcoming LPDC meeting dates:

    • Tuesday, November 15, 2022

    • Tuesday, February 14, 2023

    • Tuesday, April 18, 2023

    • Tuesday, May 9, 2023