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Happy Halloween from our 8th grade brass section! Halloween
Monthly Message from the Mathews School Board Red Ribbon Week

In order to stay connected and keep communication open, it was decided to start a Monthly Message from the Mathews School Board.

Click "read more" to check out this month's letter from the Mathews Board of Education President Michele Garman.



Student hunters invited to participate in friendly competition Deer

This hunting season, student hunters who attend Mathews Local Schools are invited to participate in friendly competition while enjoying time with their families outdoors.

The idea all started a couple of months ago when Mathews Local Schools’ School Resource Officer Steve Smith was approached by Fowler Police Chief Mike Currington with the idea of hosting a biggest deer competition for student hunters in the district. 

“Many of our students participate in school-related activities.  We thought this was a great opportunity for us to involve some of our students who participate in out-of-school activities.  We knew there were quite a few student hunters at Mathews.  So, we thought this contest would not only spur some friendly competition, but also give our students something to look forward to this fall and winter as we continue to deal with COVID-19,” said school resource officer Steve Smith.

Click to learn more about the contest and some of the students who are participating.

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