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Mathews Schools cancels prom for 2020 due to COVID-19 restrictions Prom

As you all are aware, our 2020 prom date was cancelled in May due to the pandemic. We had tentatively set a date in July with Squaw Creek but that date was contingent upon COVID-19 status and the regulations set by state and school admin. Because of the stipulations and restrictions provided by the government and school administration, prom for 2020 is canceled.

Lead and Copper Monitoring Report Water

Currie Elementary School is considered a public water system that is responsible for providing safe drinking water that meets state and federal standards.

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UPDATED - Mathews Athletic Department Individual Skills Training Guideline Fitness

Mathews Athletic Department Individual Skills Training Guidelines OFFICIAL START: 06/22/2020 

This plan has been developed with the consideration of the guidelines provided by the Ohio High School Athletic Association as well as National Federation of State High School Associations. 

The Individual Skills Training will be a 3 phase process with each phase will last for at least 14 calendar days, with phase 1 for all sports beginning on the restart date of June 22, 2020. Progression or regression of phases will be at the discretion of the school district and/or governmental leadership. 

Individual Skills Training Guidelines currently applies to the following: 

  • Football 
  • Volleyball 
  • Boys Basketball 
  • Girls Basketball 
  • Golf
  • Cross Country
  • Soccer

Students should report to workouts in proper gear and immediately return home to shower at the end of the workout. 

Facilities that coaches and athletes will be permitted to use: 

  • Mathews High School Gym 
  • Baker Elementary Gym 
  • Fieldhouse
  • Outdoor practice fields 

As always, summer participation in workouts/training sessions is voluntary and may not be used toward team or program selection. It is even more essential to not project anything that is contradictory to this. 

All protocol can be subject to change under state guidelines as they become available.

Click here to read important information from OHSAA/NFHS. 


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